Meet the Founders

Purva & Ankita started Colleen Tandem PR in May 2020 and successfully managing multiple clients across different business verticles. Prior to this venture, both have a collective 15+ years of experience in PR both in agency and corporate communications roles.


Some of the prominent brands managed by them in their PR career includes  Quantum AMC,  iFAST Financial India, Ashika Wealth Advisors, and Stock Broking, MCHI-CREDAI, TribesforGOOD, Kumar Builders, Hotel Radisson, ELSA Corp, Germin8 Solutions, Ranthambore Music Festival, Supari, UNICEF, Caratlane,Wrangler, William Penn, The Great Eastern Home, Tilt Brand Solutions, Zee TV, Freedom from Diabetes-Dr Pramod Tripathi Nutritionist, Clinical Pshycologist-Dr.Aditi Sinha.

How We Got Our Name

There are some things which when we plan for and succeed give us great satisfaction, other times even without planning things become a great success, which is even more fulfilling and satisfying! Many of our clients and friends have asked us how we came up with the name Colleen Tandem PR. I think it’s time to reveal the story!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

Let us take you back to London in the 1960’s – a small but emerging band named the Tea Set was making waves. Their listenership base was growing and they were asked to perform at a very prestigious concert, things were going great! Until they reached the concert venue to discover that another and more famous band with the same name were performing there!

So they had two choices, either they performed at the concert under a different name, or they trudged back in defeat to London having missed the opportunity of a lifetime.  Their lead guitarist was a fan of Blues music and, on the spur of the moment combined 2 famous Blues acts of that time – Pink Anderson and Floyd Council and called his band Pink Floyd! The rest, as they say, is history. Pink Floyd not only performed the concert but went on to perform thousands of concerts across the world as their albums multi-platinumed and they even entered the Guinness Book of World Records, becoming the most successful rock band of all time. Thus, they went ahead with something that was unplanned, something as basic as their name, and it became a roaring success. Reminds me of Colleen Tandem PR, read on to know why!

The Choices… and the Final Winner

When we were thinking of a name for our firm PR 360 won the vote. As the name suggests it meant that we would take care of all aspects of PR – the whole 360 gamut of communication that comes under the PR umbrella. However, we soon found that name is already taken by several other agencies around the World. Hence this idea was quickly dropped.

Since we want to be partners with our clients in the PR and communications space – we want to walk in step, in tandem with our partners; hence the name Tandem PR came next, again to find that there already is a PR agency registered under that name.

After a lot of soul searching (and ing) we added the word Colleen – which is of Welsh origin and means ‘young’ and hence Colleen Tandem was born. So we took one word of who we are and joined with another word of how we see ourselves as helping our clients – by walking in tandem with them in every step of the PR journey and combined the two – like Pink and Floyd… to make magic in the PR industry.

Two of us– young girls but with grandiose dreams to make it big in the field of PR – but by walking in step and in tandem with our clients - hence the name Colleen Tandem PR!

Meet The Founders